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Hemnet Properties is here to ensure that you find yourself the most suitable home. Their team has years of expertise to make the whole journey a pleasant one.

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Finding A Location

Before looking for potential properties, it’s essential to keep your finances in check. This preparedness allows you to set a realistic budget that determines the homes you can check out. Keeping the preferred area in mind, look at the features of any eye-catching house you come across. These characteristics may include the number of rooms, furnishings, property size, attractive views, etc. If you are looking online, you can effortlessly list down all the possible residences. However, one should be mentally prepared to make compromises on the listings.

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Meeting Our Specialists

We’ll pair you up with the most qualified agent in the areas you’re searching. Once the representative has a solid understanding of your needs concerning renting a house, it’s time to get out there and look at various options. Even though many rental homes have advertisements on property portals, it is always advisable to register through Hemnet Properties. When we have your contact information, you will receive alerts whenever a suitable property becomes vacant.

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In certain areas, the letting industry moves at a breakneck pace. Properties are rentable within hours of being listed on the market. Our representatives are highly adaptable when it comes to scheduling. They will schedule viewing dates as soon as possible and accompany you to the property to address any potential questions or concerns. While going to see a property, keep in mind that you are also under observation. It is necessary to determine if you are a good renter for the owner.

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Securing The Chosen Property

Once you’ve chosen a rental home, we’ll submit the proposal to the landlord along with your references. You will be required to pay a deposit to hold the property after the rent terms and conditions reach a definitive agreement. It is typically 5% of the annual rent and is a requirement for the lease’s period. Hemnet Properties would gather all required papers. Following that, we’ll create a rental contract.

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Registering At EJARI's Online System

After signing the rental papers and making the payment to the landlord, the tenant receives the keys. The renter must next register the lease with EJARI and link with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) at one of their district departments. You should also call the building administration to inform them of your new registration. Before enabling you to move in, they may want some information. We provide assistance and guidance with removals, furnishings, EJARI registrations, DEWA set-up, and monetary transactions before and after finalizing contracts.

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Moving In

A detailed inventory of the property’s condition and contents agreed upon by the landowner and renter is highly beneficial, even though it is not a contractual necessity. It is a requirement to avoid any future misunderstandings or potential conflicts. For everyone concerned, this entire process is both intriguing and demanding. It is preferable to be aware of the situation and respond appropriately. Finally, keep in mind that the house will only be your home once you have moved in. We believe in tending to our renters and providing the best possible attention and assistance.

Congratulations On Your Property Purchase

The Verdict

Regardless of the house you are looking to rent, Hemnet Properties assists its clients every step of the way. It is because we help people from all over the globe, making our services consistently dependable. If you are looking to rent a new place, be sure to get in touch with us.

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